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January 28th, 2015

During a cold Chicago winter, it is important to prevent your pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes can be hard and expensive to replace. We’ve put together a few tips for keeping your pipes warm, all winter long.

  1. Insulate exposed pipes in garages, crawl spaces or any pipes located close to outside walls. This can done with inexpensive pipe insulators found at your local hardware store.
  2. Before every winter, always remove exterior hoses. Frozen exterior faucets can both damage the fixture as well as the interior pipes.
  3. Open faucets just enough to get a small trickle of water. This keeps water flowing and avoids a frozen pipes. If you have a two handle faucets, open both the hot and cold handles; on single handle faucets, use the middle setting to allow both hot and cold water flow.
  4. Opening cabinets beneath fixtures will allow warmer household air to keep the pipes and fixture warm. This is an especially good tip for homeowners who have cabins or second homes that they leave during winter and set a lower thermostat.

In the event that pipes do freeze, immediately shut off water supply to the house and open all faucets to allow rest of system to drain. Call licensed plumber to use proper equipment to thaw pipes. Never use open flame to thaw pipes.

These easy tips to preventing frozen pipes can save a lot of time and money.