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September 18th, 2020

Plumbing problems tend to occur with the greatest frequency in bathrooms. That’s because these are the most high-use spaces in every business or home. They sustain a tremendous amount of wear and tear. As a top-rated plumbing contractor in Elgin IL, at Flotek Plumbing, we know that proper maintenance and prevention can save property owners money. That’s why we want to share these strategies for keeping your bathroom drains in excellent condition.

One of the best ways to prevent floods, clogs, and other drain-related issues is by removing the primary culprits. If you use “flushable” wipes in your household, try to find a suitable alternative. Although these products are marketed as being able to pass through plumbing systems, they do not break down or degrade as normal paper products do. They can be especially problematic in older homes with clay pipes at their exterior.

In business bathrooms, consider replacing paper towel products with wall-mounted hand dryers. Paper towels have been responsible for a vast number of clogs, including clogged commodes. Switching to dryers will also eliminate a number of common, bathroom messes. Your cleaning team won’t have to remove wet towels from sink and counter areas. More importantly, your bathrooms will produce far less paper waste.

Both companies and consumers should make sure that their commodes are sufficiently high-powered for accommodating the volume of use that they’ll ultimately see. If your toilet is frequently being clogged by organic waste, get in touch with a plumber for an upgrade. There are even auto-flushing features for ensuring that excessive amounts of waste isn’t building up in toilet bowls.

In shower areas, be sure to remove all small items that can slip down the drains. Razor caps, small-sized toys, miniature toy attachments, hair barrettes, and other tiny items should be taken out of the spaces and kept in a separate area. Call us today to get more helpful tips on protecting your drains or to learn more about our top-rated installation, maintenance, and repair services.