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June 16th, 2020

No homeowner would wish to face emergency plumbing issues as such problems cause a lot of damage. While some plumbing issues are technically not an emergency, it is always essential to seek help from a plumber to check them immediately. Here are five Indicators that you need to call Flotek Plumbing to undertake an emergency drain cleaning in Elgin.

You have to call us when you experience water backups. The worst-case scenario is having water backups causing spillage from the source, and it may not be backing down. This scenario would start slow due to clogging, but overtime, the clogs would build up and cause water to not pass through the pipes causing spillage. This should, therefore, be rectified with immediate effect to ensure less water damage.

Another sign would be an unusually bad smell. The lousy odor may emanate from sewer gases caused by evaporated water in a drainage that has not been in use. The sewer gases, in turn, would rise and cause the awful smell. If hot water does not do the trick, if you pour it in the drains, it may be time to seek help from Flotek plumbing.

Frozen pipes can also cause havoc on your drainage systems. If you notice visible frost on draining pipes, some weird cracking sound while opening the taps, or complete stoppage of running water in your house, then you might have frozen pipes. If this problem is not rectified immediately, it could shut down your entire water supply at home.

Seeing water where it is not supposed to be or colored water means that there is a problem. Some homeowners would want to try to salvage the situation by themselves, which is not advisable. In attempting to fix the problem, you may make it worse; it is therefore prudent to call us at 630-465-1139 if you have any of the above issues. With our years of experience and trained plumbers, you are assured of satisfactory services.