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Commercial & Residential Hydro Jetting Services

Are you ready for the future of drain cleaning? Flotek Plumbing now offers hot water hydro jetting to homeowners and businesses across the greater Elgin, IL region. This innovative equipment has transformed the way plumbers and other utility specialists clean and maintain sewer lines. While the rooter simply uses mechanical action to punch a hole through clogs and debris to restore water flow in a sewer line, this new pressurized drain cleaning method uses the force of water to actually scour the inside of your line. Pressurized drain jetting from Flotek Plumbing not only restores flow to previously clogged pipes, it also removes grease buildup on the inside of the line and can even scour away invasive tree roots and other blockages.


What’s the difference between hot hydro jetting VS cold hydro jetting?

While cold hydrojetting is perfect for pushing stubborn clogs down a line and reducing debris, cold water hyrdojetting is significantly less effective at dissolving grease. For clogs caused by grease buildup, it’s best to use high temperature hydrojetting for more robust, longer-lasting results.

Benefits of Hydro-jetting

  • Longer lasting results
  • Opens flow and scours the inside of the line
  • Includes attractive warranty
  • Clears what traditional rooters won’t
  • Improved grease removal
  • Improved root removal

No job is too big or too small for the experts at Flotek Plumbing. Our technicians are familiar with most brands and can offer same-day service with our fully stocked vehicle of parts.


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