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January 25th, 2019

For many company owners, part of maintaining comfortable and accommodating facilities is simply making sure that their restrooms are in good working order. At Flotek Plumbing, we have extensive experience in maintaining bathrooms that are both enduring and a real pleasure to be in. As top-rated commercial plumbers in Elgin, we truly understand the challenges that these spaces create. With our help, you can ensure that these spaces always look and function their best, no matter how much public or private traffic they must accommodate.

In every public or commercial restroom, it is vital to make sure that the commodes are sufficiently high in power for preventing things like backups and clogs. Choosing the right appliances can be essential for avoiding problems that might shut these facilities down for hours or even days or weeks at a time. There is also the issue of making sure that the selected appliances are eco-friendly, meaning that they aren’t using more water than necessary to get the job done.

We have longstanding relationships with the top suppliers in the plumbing industry. This gives us access to all of the latest innovations in fixtures, appliances and other essential amenities. Our network of materials suppliers also gives us access to deeply discounted rates on all of the things that companies need for repairing, remodeling or restoring their public restroom facilities.

Whether your goal is to give your bathrooms an entirely new look or a far higher level of overall functioning, we can help you get the job done on time and at cost. We believe that companies shouldn’t have to spend veritable fortunes in order to meet the needs of their employees and guests. With the right additions, your company can use less water and energy, maintain appealing spaces, and limit future repair and replacement costs.

It is also possible for Flotek to assist you in becoming a truly paper-free company. If you are ready to get rid of wall-mounted paper towel holders, we can complete this upgrade on your behalf. This particular change eliminates paper wastes, contributes to cleaner bathroom areas and prevents sink and commode clogs among many other things.

Check out our gallery of completed projects to know more about our capabilities and our attention to detail. You want your in-house talent, your stakeholders, and your guests to enjoy using these spaces. Get in touch with us now to find out what we can do for you and your company. We can provide end to end support for your projects and a truly seamless finish.