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September 3rd, 2019

Certain methods of pipe cleaning can be very detrimental to your plumbing system. For instance, you certainly don’t want to waste too much money on store-bought drain cleaners. These products are incredibly corrosive and rarely get the job done right. The best results can often be achieved with hydro jetting using hot water hydro jetter equipment. If you have a major backup in your plumbing system. Flotek Plumbing can provide this service to produce tremendous benefits.

This is an advanced pipe cleaning method that uses high-pressure water and heat to eliminate build-ups of dirt, grime, and other blockages from the plumbing system. Due to the incredible level of adaptability that this method provides, it is possible to treat blockages deep within the system which have not been responsive to other methods. Moreover, this process is unlikely to exert forceful pressure on pipes in a way that causes them to break down or corrode.

When water is used to clean pipes, it can move and bend according to the layout of the plumbing system. This is not always true with drain snakes and other equipment that is used to forcibly push blockages through. Moreover, the addition of heated water allows for a thorough cleaning of the treated areas which can eliminate foul and pervasive drain odors, gnat problems that exist deep within the plumbing, and many other issues.

The typical hydro jetting system uses about 4000 psi. This is a sufficient level of pressure and liquid for eliminating tiny dust particles. As such, it can clear out large and visible obstructions, as well as debris that might continue accumulating to create problems in the future. Once this residue has been cleared out, the interior of the treated pipes will remain clean for quite some time.

If you have older pipes in your home, these may be quite unstable or precarious. It should not be necessary to detach or open these structures in any way in order to get them clean. Invasive cleaning methods such as these can lead to serious damages and the need for costly replacements and repairs. Using high-pressure waters instead will get the job done without causing expensive problems.

Another major benefit of this treatment is the ability to reduce bacteria. Accumulations of harmful organisms are common in these systems due to the near constant presence of food, moisture, grease, and other elements. This will in turn lead to cleaner, fresher-smelling drains, and a far better functioning system overall. Get in touch with Flotek Plumbing now to find out if hydro jetting is the right plumbing solution for your home.