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February 12th, 2015


Sewers can release dangerous odors caused by issues with your plumbing. Sewer smell is an obnoxious smell with the scent of sulfur, rotting, and a complex mixture of toxic and non-toxic gases which collect in the sewage system.A sewer gas smell indicates a potentially serious health and safety threat, and causes an odor problem to the occupants of a house. The sewer gas is a mixture of inorganic gases created by the action of anaerobic (needing no oxygen) bacteria on sewage and sludge. This…


February 5th, 2015


Keeping your drains clean and clog-free is an ongoing issue for many household and business owners across Illinois. Preventing drain clogs is easy is and simple. We’ve helped many customers clean their drains and here are some tips to keep your clean and clog-free.1) Minimize the amount of food put down the kitchen drain. Putting material down the drain can cause buildup and eventually clog your drain. Always be sure to flush the pipes with water when trying to rinse something down…


January 28th, 2015


During a cold Chicago winter, it is important to prevent your pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes can be hard and expensive to replace. We’ve put together a few tips for keeping your pipes warm, all winter long.Insulate exposed pipes in garages, crawl spaces or any pipes located close to outside walls. This can done with inexpensive pipe insulators found at your local hardware store. Before every winter, always remove exterior hoses. Frozen exterior faucets can both damage the…


January 22nd, 2015


Emergency plumbing situations are inevitable. They happen when we least expect it and can make for a frustrating day. We have had the privilege of assisting hundreds of customers with their plumbing emergencies. Here are six easy tips to both prevent plumbing emergencies and make them as easy as possible.The first thing you should do in any plumbing emergency is shut off the water or gas fixture that is causing issues. This can often be done at the base of the fixture or…