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May 27th, 2015

Keeping your sump pump in good working condition is critical during the rainy seasons. Here are a few sump pump maintenance tips to keep your sump pump from needing repair and keep your basement dry.Sump Pump Repair TipsClean the pump inlet screen. Once a year clean your sump pit to be free of debris. Making sure the power cord is plugged in and test by dumping buckets of water in the sump pit to raise the float and turn on the pump. Make sure your sump pump piping discharge line…


March 5th, 2015

The use of a whole house carbon filter is the last means of protection breakdowns in municipal water treatment and sanitation system.Whole house carbon filters are designed to eliminate the most common water issues including bad odor, taste, cloudy water. They will also remove the other contaminants including chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, pesticides and volatile organics. With a whole house carbon filter, you can be sure that you have safe and pure water through out your…


February 23rd, 2015


Water softeners have many benefits that many do not realize. We’ve had great results after installing water softeners.The main purpose of a water softener is to counter act the negative effects of hard water. Water softeners are specific ion exchangers that are designed to remove ions, which are positively charged. Softeners mainly remove calcium and magnesium ions. Calcium and magnesium are often referred to as “hard minerals”.Although hard water is generally safe to use, the…


February 12th, 2015


Sewers can release dangerous odors caused by issues with your plumbing. Sewer smell is an obnoxious smell with the scent of sulfur, rotting, and a complex mixture of toxic and non-toxic gases which collect in the sewage system.A sewer gas smell indicates a potentially serious health and safety threat, and causes an odor problem to the occupants of a house. The sewer gas is a mixture of inorganic gases created by the action of anaerobic (needing no oxygen) bacteria on sewage and sludge. This…


February 5th, 2015


Keeping your drains clean and clog-free is an ongoing issue for many household and business owners across Illinois. Preventing drain clogs is easy is and simple. We’ve helped many customers clean their drains and here are some tips to keep your clean and clog-free.1) Minimize the amount of food put down the kitchen drain. Putting material down the drain can cause buildup and eventually clog your drain. Always be sure to flush the pipes with water when trying to rinse something down…